James E. Wallace, Jr.


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May God bless your spirit, my forever love, James Edward Wallace, Jr. and carry you into heaven where all of his most cherished angels reside. Until that day... that day when we shall meet again, know that I am waiting and I will wait until the end of time. I feel the warmth of your spirit here with me. I feel you in every moment and in everything I do. I love you forever and ever, my Immortal Beloved. I miss you.

Your Immortal Beloved,

I would like to thank... and I know James would also want to thank the countless people who have reached out to me, who have shown me love, comforted me and who continue to support me and James during this, the most difficult time of my life. I would especially like to thank my tribe for lifting me up and carrying me on their backs - my beautiful son, Oliver Richman, my beautiful daughter, Ashleigh Hackett... Sandy Hackett, Jeanne Quinn, Angel Stratford, Mark Matson, Zatella Beatty, Sherice Bellamy, Michael Douglas, Ron Wilson, Zavian Annan, Kylie Davis, Cece Alonso, Conor Thaxter, Bazile Lancelin, Clifton Moseley and Howard Richman.





This is the Moment

Many of you may have heard from James just prior to his passing about this video, asking you to share it on social media. He was so passionate and cared so deeply about this project because it sends a positive message of hope for a brighter tomorrow. Beyond this historical election, James knew there is so much work ahead. He hoped that this would inspire us all to do our part. He supported me and believed in my talent. I wrote a song entitled, "This is the Moment" which James worked so hard to get to the Biden/Harris camp. His brilliant producing partners, filmmakers Zatella Beatty and Stephen Perry (214 Films) created this video set to the song which reminds us that love is so much more powerful than hate. James wanted to spread the word. I share it here because that's what James would want me to do. "This is the Moment" takes on greater meaning for me now. James and I shared the most beautiful dream for our future, both personally and professionally. I know now that the "moment" in which we loved and shared a lifetime, is and will always be the journey - making it happen together, walking the road of the most beautiful and blessed union, hand-in-hand for eternity.


"This is the Moment"

Written and Produced by Lisa Dawn Miller & Mark Matson
LDM Publishing
J-Wall Records

Video Produced by Zatella Beatty
Edited by Stephen P. Perry
214 Films

Special thanks
James E. Wallace, Jr.

Lisa Dawn Miller
Conor Thaxter
Administrative Assistant